Past Club News

The Agility rules have been updated and our Facebook link has been added.

The Board of Directors and Committee's contact list have been brought onto the front of the website from the member's only section to make it easier to contact us.

Our Members News Letter has a great new look for 2011 and we look forward to hearing from our members about articles, information and general ideas for your future reading pleasure.

Check out our Events page for upcoming fun days, exhibitions, training days and trials for 2011 so mark your calendars and plan to join us this season. Remember volunteers are always needed to keep our loyal, fearless little white dogs active.

The JRTCC would like to thank all it's member's and volunteers, for without your dedication and support we would not be here!

Check here for the Conformation and Performance results from the 2010 JRTCC National Trial!!

Check here for all National Trial Photos links/information courtesy of John's Pet Photography and Trevor Holmes


John's Pet Photography 2010 National Trial Photographer

2010 JRTCC Agility Titles

Agility Qualifying runs and Titles have been added to the Trial Results page based on the new rules. Please contact Debbie Mahon for any discrepancies in the data. This information can be used to determine class entries for the JRTCC Nationals.

If you are choosing a dog for the first time

It is hard to know what dog is the right companion for you. Let us help by introducing the Jack Russell Terrier and discussing the kind of care and home a Jack needs to thrive. Let's assume, you have read all this, consulted the oracles and have decided a JRT is the dog for you! (Who can blame you?) In that case we encourage you to choose a responsible breeder;
do not buy from a pet store.

The Website, Membership and Registry forms have been updated to reflect the new Logo and contact information.

The registration/recording forms have also been reorganized to make it easier for members/new members to find the documentation they require to join the club and record/register their terriers.

As 2010 draws to a close we reflect on all that has happened this year. We hosted and participated in many events aimed to raise awareness of the Jack Russell Terrier and the unique requirements of these little white dogs. All this cumulated in the National Trial which was, once again, a big success and showcased some of the very best terriers Canada and the USA have to offer. Racing was exciting, the brush hunt and Go-to-Ground were beautifully laid out and our conformation judge Ted Harris (UK) was initiated into a beautiful Canadian season and made sure that our collection of Jack Russell Terriers were carefully scrutinized. The 2010 AGM saw the election of a new President, Debbie Mahon, as well as some new faces added to the Board of Directors.

Some sad news also came out of 2010. We lost Mikel Dander a long time breeder of the auspicious Foxport Kennel and founding member of the JRTCC.
An Open House in honour of Mikel will be held on Sunday, January 2nd from 2:00 to 4:00pm at 26 Ontario Street in Guelph.

We also said a collective farewell to the great Fox Run Rivet of Conquest. A long time companion and partner of Gaye Redpath he influenced the breed like no other Canadian Terrier.  While Rivet legacy lives on his many descendants his passing was felt deeply by those who loved him. A tribute to Rivet can be found here.

JRTCC Members Florida Adventures!

courtesy of Debbie Mahon
Fellow members head to the Sunshine State for some fun in the sun!
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Alley and her Adventures in Falconry

Alley was rescued by Dave and family when she was just a puppy, found abandoned in a bar parking lot. Now a year and a half old, she and Dave and his hawks are an expert rabbit hunting team.
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Canadian Jacks at the JRTCA Nationals

by Shirley Buist, November 2009

A number of Canadian Jack Russell Terrier owners and breeders made the trek to Maryland for the Jack Russell Terrier Club of America National Trial. Canadian terriers can still hold their own against the toughest competition in North America.
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Sportsmenís Show 2009

The Jack Russell Terrier had double ambassadors at the show this year, with JRTCC and JRTRO members staffing 2 booths where people could visit and learn about the little guys. Sally and two sportsmen. Thanks to all the Volunteers who gave of their time to help promote the breed, inform the public of our organization and invite people to upcoming events.

Here is a list of the Volunteers who staffed the JRTCC booth: Sally Holmes, Rose Reid, Gaye Redpath, Elyse Dinsmore, Shirley Buist, Kay Seawright & Family, Bill & Carol Smart, Chris Wardell, Rosie VanBemmel & Family, Debby MacFarlane and Sue Lubchynski. When you see these helpful people, say thanks, because without them, we would not have been able to successfully run the booth! -- Thanks from Bob Boyd, President & Pam Chiappetta, Registrar.

Jacks at the AAC Agility Nationals - Small, but mighty

by Fran Jensen, September 2008

Although there were only 8 JRTs in attendance, 6 of the 8 managed to finish in the top 10 of their classes at the Agility Association of Canada National Championships, held in mid-August 2008 in Sussex, New Brunswick.
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FOUND Jack Russell

Young Oliver was taken from his yard in Windsor on the morning of May 19, 2007. For weeks, his owner Melissa tried everything: postering, calling vets to see if anyone called him in, calling pet stores, humane society and even the JRTCC. On June 12, Oliver made the evening news and from that came the miracle phone call: Oliver was Found!
Oliver was returned home that night, home safe and sound.

In Melissaís words, hereís what happened:
We had so much response [from the news item] that we were running all over the city...At about 9:30 we had a call from a lady 7 blocks away in an apartment building saying that some tenants had a dog that looked like the dog on the News and she swears itís him. So we went down there. My husband knocked, she opened the door and when Ollie heard my husbandís voice, he came running at us. The lady says "Hey thatís my dog." My husband replies itís our dog and weíll be back with the police. Everyone was crying the landlady included. Heís so skinny and acting a little scared but heís home and safe now and thatís all that counts really.

So the Rule of Russells is: Never Give Up .


Harper was adopted through the JRTRO in September 2004. In December 2006, his owner was walking her dogs in a park in Guelph, when tragically, Harper was caught in an illegally set conibear trap, and died. The Ministry of Natural Resources (Ont) is harperinvestigating, but to date no charges have been laid. As a tribute to Harper, we republish here the Memorial to Harper from the JRT Rescue website.
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Racing at the Royal

In January of 2006, Janice Blakeney, the Horse Show Co-ordinator for The Royal Winter Fair in Toronto approached the JRTCC, asking us to do a JRT Racing Demonstration at the Fair. As many of you know, we have done events at the Royal for years, however, this was something special.
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August 1, 2006 marks the return
of the JRTCC/JRTCA Reciprocity Agreement

This agreement offers members on both sides of the border a cost savings to dual register their terriers in both countries, allowing their dogs to participate in National and Regional trials. In order to take advantage of this opportunity, you need to be a current member of both clubs.
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