Welcome to the Jack Russell Terrier Club of Canada

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Who is the JRTCC?

The Jack Russell Terrier Club of Canada Inc. (JRTCC) is the national club for Jack Russell Terrier fans, with provincial affiliates throughout Canada. Founded in 1989 and incorporated in 1991, the Club is an affiliate of the Jack Russell Terrier Club of Great Britain.

Our members include internationally recognized breeders, working terrier people and pet owners.

Our Mission

The Club and its affiliates are dedicated to preserving the working Jack Russell Terrier (JRT), and proudly maintain the national registry for the Jack Russell Terrier in Canada. Our guiding principle is to promote the breed's historic conformation while keeping the working ability in the forefront. In other words, our goal is that the Jack Russell Terrier should remain a bright, alert, well rounded dog, with the form, endurance and drive to go to ground after their quarry.

Jack onna tree

Club Events

To that end, we hold a variety of events and activities designed to select for the terriers with the best heart, speed and strong hunting instincts. At National and Regional Trials, we emphasize events such as racing, lure-coursing and go-to-ground. In addition, Obedience and Agility classes showcase a terrier's intelligence and physical abilities. Showing for Conformation rewards breeders whose dogs meet the breed standard -- a standard which emphasises the health and working abilities, not the looks, of the breed. But our highest awards go to the terriers who excel at their work.









It's Fun too

While trials are a way to assess the fitness of terriers to the tasks they are bred to perform, they are also just plain fun -- for both the dogs and their people.